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This branding guideline was created as part of a university assignment through Deakin. The task for this assignment was create a logo for the brand: ‘momentum’ and create a branding guideline for how you would like your logo to be used. Branding guidelines are essential in creating a cohesive brand. This guideline ensures that your logo is correctly in every application otherwise it’s in breach of its guidelines. I created this logo keeping the theme of momentum, I wanted the ‘M’ to look as though it continued on because it had momentum to it. I also had the word momentum underneath so it was more clear to viewer/consumer as this was a new brand. I planned that once this brand became more well-known I would drop the text underneath. This was a digital publication hence why the colour codes are only in RGB codes as the client had no desire to have any print work completed as our brief outlined but if this was a client I was working with now I would outline all colour codes in their branding guidelines to ensure that they have this information in the future.